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Vintage Porn Review:

RetroSex is made for vintage lovers, by a vintage lover. Every movie and photo on this site is lovingly retouched to be of incredibly high quality - some of the best I've seen in the vintage realm. This is a simple, clean, dark site that offers basic navigation functions throughout the collection. All of the content at RetroSex has been lovingly hand retouched to restore it to an amazing quality. These are all very rare pieces of vintage erotica collected from private collections and vintage amateurs. I loved the fact that all of this material was new to me - it's rare that I see a vintage porn collection where I don't see at least a few repeats. There are over 10,000 pictures in this collection (it was much too large for me to do more than estimate the count). The quality overall is excellent. There are many different types of photos as well - you have your typical vintage pinup type stuff right alongside juicy vintage hardcore. The vintage movies from RetroSex are also very nicely done. The movies are in clips of six minutes and under. As I've mentioned a few times, the guy behind this site is a big lover of all things vintage. To attest to this, he has an entire section of scrap book photos which are just charming little pieces of life back in the day. He also has a true crime section with vintage mug shots and My Hollywood which contains celebrity photos taken by a studio employee. There are also some vintage pulp porn comics and pulp magazine covers. My Favorite Part? Originality. As far as I can tell, everything on this site is exclusive or incredibly rare - and they are all re-mastered to an incredibly high quality. Is It Worth it? If you're looking for a vintage porn experience that you cannot find anywhere else, then is definitely worth looking at. I enjoyed the site immensely for both the personality and the quality of the material. The fact that I haven't seen this stuff anywhere else adds a ton of points in their favor as well.

Adult Reviews:

Are you feeling a bit nostalgic? Or better yet, perhaps you consider yourself to be a connoisseur? Well, RetroSex has you covered. This joint is a virtual treasure trove of lost 'classics' in porn history. There's everything from light bondage sessions (think Betty Grable) to cock sucking and lesbian action. Some of this material dates back all the way to the 1920s! It looks like grandma wasn't so innocent after all. The layout here is very unique yet fitting. The style reflects the theme of the site very well. The background of the members section is black with a beautifully drawn, Norman Rockwell-esque image of a woman. You'll find a row over 100, small, purple buttons spread out across the page in an almost chaotic fashion. Each of these links to a different picture gallery. Each gallery contains around 100 images. Add that up and you're getting over 10,000 photos. Not a bad deal, eh? The stuff going on in some of these photos is very surprising when you think of when they were taken. There's tons of cock sucking, women eating each other's pussies and even a rimjob in one photo. The majority of the women in the photos are quite attractive but there are a few ugly ducklings here and there. I guess since porn was so taboo back then, they couldn't be too choosy about who they used. Some of the bondage sets are quite beautiful. They have a very artsy look about them. I wouldn't mind hanging one up on the wall in my office. It looks as if porn and human sexuality haven't evolved all that much in the past 100 years. The video quality certainly doesn't match the standards of today but that's to be expected. You have to remember, many of these were shot when film was in its infancy. You can tell some of these babies were filmed when Charlie Chaplin was still doin' his thing, as the video speed is quite fast and jerky. The running time tends to average between eight and fifteen minutes with none I've watched exceeding this. Considering the fact many of these were probably underground shoots, I'd say the prices of film held them back. The content ranges from mild to extremely wild. In fact, the action in many of these movies could be compared to the hardcore of today. One video I particularly enjoyed had two women going down on each other. There was a lot of playfulness in this and it's obvious they were going for the 'innocent girls experimenting' vibe. I've also seen plenty of girl/guy and even girl/girl/guy stuff here. The bondage videos are surprisingly violent for the era in which they were shot. There's one where two girls quite literally beat each other to a pulp. I love it! It's obvious the admin here is a real history buff. You get access to quite a few extras and some of them aren't even racy in the least. For instance, there's a 'Hollywood Snap Shots' section which consists of photos of some studio exec with various movie stars. The 'Hollywood Scrap Book' was pretty darn cool. I was surprised to see some rare nudes of actresses from back in the day. I don't think any of them were big names (I didn't recognize) but cool none the less. There was even some shots of a famous transvestite (No, not Ed Wood!). You get access to quite a few vintage dirty comics. They even turn the pages by themselves for you to make reading more convenient. These babies are quite explicit. They obviously came out before the comic code was put into action. One was quite humorous, featuring a butler fucking the queen of England. There's also an ever growing section of covers of old pulp magazines which may be of interest to some. I really enjoyed my stay at Retro Sex. The site has a slew of content that is a sure treat for any of you into the oldies. You can tell the webmaster really cares as he actually even put some non-sexual extras. From an historical standpoint, this site just proves that sex hasn't changed one damn bit the last century. The ladies back then were just as capable of getting down and dirty as the ladies of today. If you're into classic porn or just curious about how much the industry has changed in the past 100 years, Retro Sex is well worth taking a look at. What have you got to lose?

Porn Adept:

While some of us love the new styles of gonzo and reality porn, there are others who want something along the lines of erotic pinups and vintage stag films, and Retro Sex just happens to be one of those sites that offers a great collection. Every Sunday, updates their collection, which isn't bad considering that it can't be too easy to track down half-decent quality vintage porn. The content is original and is owned by this site alone, so you aren't likely to find the same images or films on other vintage sites, and I loved this aspect of RetroSex right away. There are over 100 pages that you can browse, yet I was also thankful that the site categorizes their content into stag films, true crime, scrapbook photos, Hollywood snapshots, XXX comics and 1930's pulp magazines. It doesn't look as if there are any sets of pictures per se, yet there are literally over 10,000 images from the earlier half of the 20th century. Images have been restored, so the quality is much better than I ever anticipated. Not all of the photos are pornographic. The Hollywood and true crime categories, for example are meant to be more nostalgic than anything else. All photos appear to be black and white, there's plenty of hairy pussy for those that love the good old days, and you'll find pictures of solo models, blowjobs, lesbians, hardcore and even some snapshots from burlesque shows. I was surprised and excited to see that not only carried a lot of fetish and BDSM films, which were underground but popular in that era, but lots of hardcore and even some softcore movies. One of the newest additions to the site featured an old film of Norma Jean before she transformed into Marilyn Monroe. Other films are old homemade movies, and there are also more professional productions. Obviously, the quality isn't up to the standards we expect from porn today, but you kind of have to cut this site a break. First of all, the films would have had to have been transferred into digital format and second, even Hollywood had trouble storing early century films that were made of a flammable substance, so in fact I find it pretty damn awesome that the RetroSex was able to get their hands on as many films as they carry, let alone restore them to a viewable quality. Movies aren't more than five minutes a piece, but there are all sorts of scenes from the erotic to interracial threesomes. I'd consider Retro Sex to be much more erotic than anything else at least in the photo galleries. They had a different style of shooting nude babes and sex back then, and you won't find any extreme close-up shots of pussy or cream-pie like you do these days. The film quality isn't perfect, but considering the effort it takes to even provide vintage footage, I'd say this site offers a good selection.


Go back in time with RetroSex's unique offering of hand-retouched vintage erotica from the 1920s to the 1950s. Expect to see previously unpublished amateur camera club and directly transferred adult stag movies from the original film stock. This site has over 100 different galleries to choose from with about 100 images in each one. There are also close to 200 movies that run for about 4 minutes each in length. Expect to see footage of old-time art nudes, vintage stag sex films, raunchy old home made pornography, antique erotica, glamorous pin ups, adult comics, old-fashioned group hardcore shots, and kitschy bondage snapshots. Updates seem to come pretty frequently with new content every Sunday. The content is very entertaining to see for members who either lived in that era or for those who need a little "sex education". RetroSex taps into a very interesting and one of a kind niche that not many people are doing. With almost 10 years under their belt it seems as though they know exactly what they want to provide and do quite a good job in doing so. For people who can really appreciate where porn started and the early start of nudity on camera, this website is the perfect spot to be.

Rabbits Reviews:

Retro Sex takes us back, way back, to erotica made long before the adult industry dared to be known by the majority of the mainstream population. We're talking mostly black and white stills and films from the 1920s through to about the 1950s. However, just because it's all golden oldies stuff don't expect that you won't see some hardcore smut. It's rather surprising how much more than merely just naughty some of this early pornography was indeed. There are also some lighthearted extras of a less sexual nature to enjoy too. There are over 100 pages of photos with about 100 shots on each one. The pictures are crisp, clear images. Although, many are softcore, there's still sucking, fucking, lesbian frolicking and kinky scenes of spanking or light BDSM. The movies are split into short clips of about six minutes each maximum, so some films have multiple parts, some are split into two shorter bits and some are stand-alone clips. Again, there's more than just nudity in lots of the scenes shown. It's quite interesting to see that a threesome or orgy wasn't out of the question when it come to making porno as far back as the silent era. Extra content is contained on the main site. Enjoy four pages of candid flirty vintage pics taken by regular folks, seven pages of true crime mug shots, over 100 snapshots from Hollywood taken by a studio employee with loads of famous stars of the time, a couple of classic X-rated comics and several pages of suggestive cover artwork from pulp fiction magazines from the thirties. Retro Sex is a blast from the past. It's the sexiest history trip you'll ever take.

Jane's Guide:

Do you ever wonder where folks went to see adult entertainment before the invention of the internet? Curious about erotica before mainstream porn magazines and VHS movies? Would you like to peer back into history and take a look at some of the real sexual rebels and amateurs? This is the place to find it all! There are almost 200 stag films and home movies here, some of which are shockingly hardcore when you consider the time period. There are also over 100 LARGE galleries worth of black and white photographs showing everything from cheesecake poses to hardcore lesbian sex from the 1920's to the 1950's. This content alone is worth the price of entry, but the site owners throw in some material that may be of interest to retro buffs (even if it isn't necessarily erotic). You'll find old mug shot photos, Hollywood shots, a few vintage pulp porn comic panels, pulp magazine covers, and book ads. The customer service info you'll find on this site simply cannot be beat. They even have international toll free numbers for customers to call to receive 24 hour a day service. Excellent site, good layout, and sexy content. I think you'll be shocked by how hardcore some of this material gets (interracial, fisting, orgies, male bisexuality, cross dressing, and BDSM).

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